The Scourging

The Bulwark of Light
"That sounds like a bad auto-correct"

I try to keep these very succinct. Writing everything that happened is fun, but can cause burnout. The goal of these logs is to provide you with the necessary information you acquired during this session, no to rehash the blow-by-blow.

You all met at Chella’s Pottery (except Meadowlark), and were given very different objectives.

*Meadowlark: Not Present

  • Geirt: Clear out an abandoned mine west of town.
  • Nathaniel: Convince Alwyn Kaal to run for the House of Men.
  • Alban: Convince the Thieves’ Guild that the “Organizational Tax” is not necessary to pay.
  • Kasbar: Hang Posters.

You accomplished Nathaniel and Kasbar’s objectives. Some important information to retain:

  • Alwyn is a terribly dull person. There’s no outstanding dirt on him, but you have someone looking into that.
  • He is an honorary Silversmith. While you are not privy to the exact details surrounding it, the Silversmith leader, Raimi Silvertongue seems embarrassed about it. He even openly said he would be happy to see him leave the guild.
  • Alwyn was reluctant to run for the House of Men, mainly on account of it being seen as rigged by the other noble houses. Bonus! From your time learning about Alwyn, you also learn that there is a implicit level of camaraderie in the guilds, particularly when in the public eye. A member of a guild who does good things will reflect strongly on the guild entirely; likewise, poor and reckless decisions will cause people to dislike the guild. In extreme cases of selflessness and valor in a single patron, guilds have been elevated to early council members. In extreme cases of deviancy, the guild master is punished in equal measure with the guild member. However, both of these are very rare. The last time either of these happened was nearly fifty years ago, when a lone farmer’s son slew a young dragon who was ransacking Brindol.

For those of you aching for more combat, it is coming. Out of the four objectives you received, two were combat heavy, and two were RP heavy. So make sure you all don your armor for the mine, and the Thieves’ Guild.

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