Golden Age of Adventurers

Humble Beginnings

While most great adventures start in a tavern, yours starts in a small and sterile reception area. Beige colored walls, covered with tacky decorations. This is the place where droves of adventurers wait to obtain the proper paperwork to begin their carefree days of looting ancient temples and pillaging dangerous caves. But as you look down at the number scrawled on the parchment in your hand, you begin to wonder if you won’t grow a beard before you have a chance to steal a priceless artifact.
Thankfully, you hear a buzz, and one of the windows opens. A (male?) dwarf with long hair waves you over. Upon nearing the window, you discover that ‘he’ is a she, despite the five o’clock shadow on her face (it’s only one in the afternoon by your count). “Good afternoon, my name is Bruna,” she drones in a very practiced diction and pace, “and I’ll be taking care of your application process for the AD&D201.4 form, also known as the small party license for standard adventuring practices. I’d like to start by asking for proper town of birth paperwork. Proper astrological examination form? Licensing fee?” After the last one, she bursts out laughing. “That never gets old. I love the look on the new faces when I break those out. Seriously…” She coughs a little and shuffles her papers. “Just go on through the back doors to take the aptitude test. Your examiner will be… hmmm… Vutger the Malodorous.” She leans in slowly, and furtively whispers, “Don’t get too close”. She proceeds to point to one of the back rooms. “NEXT!” she yells at the top of her lungs.

And thus began the adventure Thorwyn, Fijit, Lars Thunderbreath, and Cad Bang.

We ended after a brief scuffle in the tomb of the great Dwarven poet Onrech Quilhew, where Thorwyn found a blue stone amulet that matched the stone wall blocking the party’s path…

Adventurers Present: Thorwyn, Lars, Fijit, Cad
Experience Earned: 1,000



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