Golden Age of Adventurers

Stumbling into Danger, and Limping from the Carnage

Seriously why is the barbarian doing the talking

Cad was unfortunately serving time in the Bywatch prison after mistakenly killing a man with five fingers instead of four. He regrets nothing.

After wrapping up collecting the Inks of the Dwarven Poet Onrech Quilhew (meeting a cultist with a strange brooch…) and returning them to Bruna, you received a letter from the mayorconda mayor. He requested your audience for an urgent matter; the matter being the recovery of an important document from the thieves in the clock tower. You accepted this quest, but not before Thorwyn made some advances on the already married mayor.

The first task was to procure the password from a thief in the local bar. Three failed intimidation checks, a locked door, two arm-wrestling contests, a broken arm followed by a bartered healing potion finally lead to a password. Once inside the clock tower, the barbarian (seriously?) bluffed her way to a meeting with the boss on the top floor. The wizard almost snuck by, being caught on the middle floor by a pair of surprisingly perceptive guards. And the half-orc paladin rolled a one on stealth, so I assumed that his idea of sneaking was to draw his sword without making lightsaber noises. And so an entire dungeon was fought collectively by your party at the same time.

And you still survived.

Lars eventually cleared out the bottom floor, and helped Fijit deal with the three rouges on the middle floor. It was a close call, as Fijit was knocked out just as Lars arrived to deal with the aftermath. Thorwyn raged and tore the arms off of three crossbowmen before collapsing from the five arrows protruding from her body. Lars barely survived critical hit by using a fate point, then went on to finish off the very last thief. Their leader escaped out a hidden passage with the document in hand.

Adventurers Present: Fijit, Lars, Thorwyn
Experience Gained: 2100



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