Lars Thunderbreath

Half-Orc Paladin


Lars Thunderbreath was born on the mysterious Isles of Bleeth, south of Bywatch. The somewhat dubious nature of Lars’s conception motivated his mother to seek solace in the Isles of Bleeth, a known haven for half-lings, creatures of mixed parentage, and other sometimes persecuted individuals who don’t want to be found.

During Lars’s time growing up on the Isles, he struggled to contain his rage towards his mysterious, absent father and was often ostracized due to his rather intimidating physical presence. This unchecked, easily-provoked rage made Lars an effective warrior but did not endear him to his fellow residents of the Isles, as Lars’s was just as likely to save someone as fight them after rescuing them.

Sometime in his late teens, however, Lars discovered Shay’la, an ancient religion predicated on self-control, self-surrender, and doing works of justice. The doctrines of Shay’la helped Lars channel his rage towards more productive, sociable ends. During his conversion, Lars funneled his rage into discussions of philosophy, politics, and justice. These discussions of right and how to improve the world motivated Lars to re-enter the world of combat and adventure to see justice done throughout the land of Tuatharah. While Lars’s stature and experience with rage-fueled brawls before his conversion make him a dangerous fighter, he prefers to use words to resolve differences when possible.

Lars Thunderbreath

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