The Bloody Swords

A party of adventurers, looking for a rival group to antagonize.


The Bloody Swords is a group of adventurers that started in 4659:3, under the lead of the mawkishly dashing Rex Lord. The group is comprised of five individuals:

Rex Lord
Tall square jaw, and long blonde locks of hair. He looks like he was a superhero in another life. Few know this, but Rex Lord is actually a pseudonym; he desperately tries to hide the fact that his real name is Gert Wendelwood.

Shadowy Edge
Unlike Rex, this is his actual name. He is a brooding loner who left home at fourteen because nobody understood him. He rarely takes off his cloak or lets down his hood to reveal his pale elven face, complete with long black hair and smoldering features (despite having a low charisma score…). He wields dual flaming scimitars (a cheap illusion spell) with sometimes great skill.

Helga of Axwyn
Helga is perhaps the most tolerable of the party; while she is best friends with Rex, her ultimate obedience is to gains, and to Kord, the god of strength. She enjoys her worship routine, which consists of 200 push-ups, two and a half mile run, and bench-pressing two anvils tied around a dulled greatsword, then eating breakfast. Needless to say, she is more muscled than the rest of the bloody swords combined (and possibly the PCs as well).

Shylo the Buff
Short curly black hair is matted down past the eyes of this topless barbarian. He doesn’t speak; he seems to communicate almost exclusively in gestures. Because of this, there is little known about him. There are rumors he is a cannibal.

A gnomish bard. He doesn’t get along with the rest of the party. Hell, he doesn’t get along with anyone. He tries to pull out his instrument at any time to show off his skills (which are only passable). He has a short Mohawk of lime green hair. And he wears waaaaaaay too much leather.

The Bloody Swords

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