Golden Age of Adventurers

Happy Founding Day!
Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the game

With Fijit and Lars nowhere to be seen, but Fahr surprising the group unexpectedly, you explore the various activities of Elidem’s Festival. This included drinking competitions, archery competitions, some people trying to kill Fahr because he shot them in the foot by accident (how can anyone roll two ones in a row in an archery contest?…) And maybe they were also spurred on by gold from an unknown source…

Your last scene involved Thorwyn losing the drinking contest to a smarmy Rex Lord, the leader of The Bloody Swords. You suspect there were shenanigans involved.

Your trip to Elidem
Here's to making up dates!

Since it’s been three months since this adventure, it gets a short shrift. You went to Elidem, met with a fat merchant who paid you for potion ingredients, and came back successful, only to find him brutally murdered by the same guy that killed Cad’s parents. Fun!

Why looting bodies in real time can be a problem
You still caught him... This time.

You resumed your journey to find the evidence Mayorconda asked you to retrieve. Found Vyrn, were tricked into a barfight where everyone had weapons but you. Through sheer good luck, you crushed everyone. Somewhere in here, Cad had questionable gay fling with an orcish dancer (You do you, Cad. You do you).

You found an interesting coin on the body of the largest ruffian. But in the time it took you to search bodies, Vyrn had escaped. You employed Fahr, a half-elf ranger, to track him to his cabin just outside the woods. Through sheer bad luck, you barely survived a relatively easy boss fight (not a dig, just bad dice rolls!). Having captured Vyrn, you retrieved the evidence. Satisfied he held no more plot points, the ranger snapped his neck.

After much deliberation, your group decided to return the slight shady evidence to the Mayor unopened. Which is good, since his personal mage secretary checked the envelope for tampering. He thanked you for your service, and sent you on your way.

The last thing you heard was the rumor of an assassin who had cut off his fingers as a dark bargain to a demon for unrivaled skills. This rumor points to the South to Elidem, the hub of scientific, alchemic, and arcane research in Tuatharah.

Party Members Present: Cad, Lars, Thorwyn, Fahr
Experience Gained: ? (Will edit in later)

Stumbling into Danger, and Limping from the Carnage
Seriously why is the barbarian doing the talking

Cad was unfortunately serving time in the Bywatch prison after mistakenly killing a man with five fingers instead of four. He regrets nothing.

After wrapping up collecting the Inks of the Dwarven Poet Onrech Quilhew (meeting a cultist with a strange brooch…) and returning them to Bruna, you received a letter from the mayorconda mayor. He requested your audience for an urgent matter; the matter being the recovery of an important document from the thieves in the clock tower. You accepted this quest, but not before Thorwyn made some advances on the already married mayor.

The first task was to procure the password from a thief in the local bar. Three failed intimidation checks, a locked door, two arm-wrestling contests, a broken arm followed by a bartered healing potion finally lead to a password. Once inside the clock tower, the barbarian (seriously?) bluffed her way to a meeting with the boss on the top floor. The wizard almost snuck by, being caught on the middle floor by a pair of surprisingly perceptive guards. And the half-orc paladin rolled a one on stealth, so I assumed that his idea of sneaking was to draw his sword without making lightsaber noises. And so an entire dungeon was fought collectively by your party at the same time.

And you still survived.

Lars eventually cleared out the bottom floor, and helped Fijit deal with the three rouges on the middle floor. It was a close call, as Fijit was knocked out just as Lars arrived to deal with the aftermath. Thorwyn raged and tore the arms off of three crossbowmen before collapsing from the five arrows protruding from her body. Lars barely survived critical hit by using a fate point, then went on to finish off the very last thief. Their leader escaped out a hidden passage with the document in hand.

Adventurers Present: Fijit, Lars, Thorwyn
Experience Gained: 2100

Humble Beginnings

While most great adventures start in a tavern, yours starts in a small and sterile reception area. Beige colored walls, covered with tacky decorations. This is the place where droves of adventurers wait to obtain the proper paperwork to begin their carefree days of looting ancient temples and pillaging dangerous caves. But as you look down at the number scrawled on the parchment in your hand, you begin to wonder if you won’t grow a beard before you have a chance to steal a priceless artifact.
Thankfully, you hear a buzz, and one of the windows opens. A (male?) dwarf with long hair waves you over. Upon nearing the window, you discover that ‘he’ is a she, despite the five o’clock shadow on her face (it’s only one in the afternoon by your count). “Good afternoon, my name is Bruna,” she drones in a very practiced diction and pace, “and I’ll be taking care of your application process for the AD&D201.4 form, also known as the small party license for standard adventuring practices. I’d like to start by asking for proper town of birth paperwork. Proper astrological examination form? Licensing fee?” After the last one, she bursts out laughing. “That never gets old. I love the look on the new faces when I break those out. Seriously…” She coughs a little and shuffles her papers. “Just go on through the back doors to take the aptitude test. Your examiner will be… hmmm… Vutger the Malodorous.” She leans in slowly, and furtively whispers, “Don’t get too close”. She proceeds to point to one of the back rooms. “NEXT!” she yells at the top of her lungs.

And thus began the adventure Thorwyn, Fijit, Lars Thunderbreath, and Cad Bang.

We ended after a brief scuffle in the tomb of the great Dwarven poet Onrech Quilhew, where Thorwyn found a blue stone amulet that matched the stone wall blocking the party’s path…

Adventurers Present: Thorwyn, Lars, Fijit, Cad
Experience Earned: 1,000

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