Fate Points

Despite the droves of adventurers that exist around you, your group is pivotal in the events that are to come. In some moments (often at the most critical of times), Fate seems to bend to your will. This is reflected in Fate Points.

Earning and keeping Fate Points

Fate points are earned exclusively at the GM’s discretion. They are earned when the player undergoes an action (especially a risky one) that exemplifies the character that they are roleplaying. Writing a backstory is an excellent way to earn a free fate point. It also serves as a guide to roleplaying your character, opening up more opportunities to earn them!

Players can only have six fate points stored at any time. If a player would gain a fate point when they already have six, they lose that point.

Using Fate Points

You don’t collect fate points just to show everyone how cool you are. Fate points are used in an encounter (combat or otherwise) to push luck in your favor. A small, but possibly important note; you may use fate points when you are unconscious. Just because you aren’t awake doesn’t mean fate doesn’t affect you anymore. Also, just because you use a fate point does not mean your roll will succeed! A few ways to use fate points are as follows:

  • When rolling one or more dice, before you roll, you may roll an extra die and ignore the lowest result. If rolling multiple dice, you roll one extra die for each two dice you originally roll, rounded up. Then you ignore a number of dice equal to the number of extra dice you rolled. For example, using a hero point while rolling damage for a fireball spell that does 6d6 damage, you roll 9d6, and ignore the lowest three dice.
  • When rolling a twenty-sided die for any reason, after you roll, you may add +4 to your dice roll. Although you will know if you failed originally, you won’t know for sure if adding to your roll will make it succeed.
  • When rolling a twenty-sided die for any reason, before you roll, you may add +8 to your roll.
  • You may spend a point to force an enemy to reroll an attack that is a critical hit, or any attack that would bring you to 0 hit points or less.
  • You may attempt to use a fate point to a different effects, but the DM has the right to refuse. Ask before you try something other than what is listed!

If you use one of these more that once on a single roll, the effects do stack. While this uses a large amount of fate points (as describer later), it can be used to almost ensure that a pivotal moment moves in your favor.

It costs one fate point to change a roll during an encounter. However, if you attempt to alter fate during the same encounter, it costs two fate points! This could be on the same roll, or a different roll later in the same fight or event. If you attempt to alter one last time, it costs three fate points. This represents that even though your character is inherently ‘lucky’, fate bending to your advantage in such a short time is a taxing endeavor.

Fate Points

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