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Welcome to Terra!

Terra is the name of the world you are exploring. Every campaign I run is set on this world for two reasons: One, it establishes a consistent and growing universe that players create, rather than me. And two, it means I can be lazy and not come up with new lore every damn time I start a campaign.

Where to Start

There’s a lot here; honestly, I don’t expect this to be read. These entries are just as much (if not more) for me than for you. No offense, but I expect this to be only something you read whenever you’re bored with nothing better to do. And that’s cool.

However! If you have read an entry or two, and even make remote use of it, I will be liberal in showering you with Fate Points, since I am easily flattered.

These entries should be updating constantly. If I link is red, that means there’s an article. If there is no article associated with the link, it will be tan. Expect lots of links, and expect tan links to become red.

  • Tuatharah: The continent on which you are playing.
  • Brindol: The largest city and de facto capitol of Tuatharah, and your starting location.

Main Page

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