Golden Age of Adventurers

Why looting bodies in real time can be a problem

You still caught him... This time.

You resumed your journey to find the evidence Mayorconda asked you to retrieve. Found Vyrn, were tricked into a barfight where everyone had weapons but you. Through sheer good luck, you crushed everyone. Somewhere in here, Cad had questionable gay fling with an orcish dancer (You do you, Cad. You do you).

You found an interesting coin on the body of the largest ruffian. But in the time it took you to search bodies, Vyrn had escaped. You employed Fahr, a half-elf ranger, to track him to his cabin just outside the woods. Through sheer bad luck, you barely survived a relatively easy boss fight (not a dig, just bad dice rolls!). Having captured Vyrn, you retrieved the evidence. Satisfied he held no more plot points, the ranger snapped his neck.

After much deliberation, your group decided to return the slight shady evidence to the Mayor unopened. Which is good, since his personal mage secretary checked the envelope for tampering. He thanked you for your service, and sent you on your way.

The last thing you heard was the rumor of an assassin who had cut off his fingers as a dark bargain to a demon for unrivaled skills. This rumor points to the South to Elidem, the hub of scientific, alchemic, and arcane research in Tuatharah.

Party Members Present: Cad, Lars, Thorwyn, Fahr
Experience Gained: ? (Will edit in later)



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