Golden Age of Adventurers

We meet again...

At last!

With a fresh group of level 3 characters, you begin where the previous group left off. Who knows… You might even see them again. Quipswitch Quillenhollow, the mayor of Elidem, asked you to clear The Witchwood of Ravens. It wasn’t until you were ambushed by black-haired brigands that you learned you were not tasked to kill ordinary birds, but instead a group of people who had been exiled from society for heinous crimes (or the crimes of their ancestors). Sensing trepidation in the group, mayor Donnel Bruck sweetened the deal with some extra money, and you set off to clear the Ravens from The Witchwood.

You first task was to meet with Ren the Woodsman, who seemed hesitant to allow you into his hut. He brusquely handed you a map of the Raven’s location, and asked you to leave. When Loren caught wind of a sedative that had been used to put the dogs to sleep, Buchi became angry and attacked the woodsman. The woodsman seemed unrepentant in his ways; despite that, he did mention “they’ll kill me”…

With the Woodsman knocked out but stable, and the hut unsearched, the party prepared to face off with the Ravens in the forest.



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