Brindol is the largest city in Tuatharah with a population of 32,000 people. Brindol was founded all the way back in the Second age, in 987:2. Farmers from nearby settlements banded together to provide protection from orcs (who had only recently been created). Slowly, Brindol became a hub of trade and commerce in southern Tuatharah, given its central location. It grew rapidly in size, and became the definitive capitol of Tuatharah on its thousand year anniversary in 1987:2.

Current Economy and Politics

In present day, Brindol remains a cosmopolitan city, filled with all sorts of goods and services (illicit or otherwise). If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it on Tuatharah. Brindol also exemplifies the Tuatharan philosophy of freedom and independence; there are temples to every god in the city, and its citizens are afforded general individual rights.

The political structure of Brindol is simple; the mayor, currently Jarmaath the Lesser, serves as the executive official and mediator of day-to-day affairs. His policies and goals are checked and assisted by the House of Merchants and the House of Men.

The House of Merchants is comprised of a five guilds that rotate out every five years. A guild must have at least 200 members before it is considered for the rotation. The current guilds considered for rotation are the Smiths, Silversmiths, Woodworkers, Scribes, Candle Makers, Farmers, Wheelmen, Casketmen, Alchemists, Arcanists, Miners, and Herbalists. Of these, the five currently on rotation are the Scribes, Farmers, Alchemists, Casketmen, and Herbalists.

The House of Men is the house that is populated by individuals of Brindol. There are 25 seats available. These seats are voted on by the public every ten years. Although the Noble Houses of Brindol are not excluded from running, they rarely hold seats themselves (Most assume they opt to work from the shadows instead).


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