Council of the Vale

The Council of the Vale serves as the ultimate authority on a normally loosely-bound cities. Called only at the worst of times, The Council represents the combined strength of the Tuatharans.

The Structure

Although each town has a representative, only six cities have a true vote in discussions. The three non-rotating cities are its three largest: Elidem, Brindol, and Spiredown. The other three seats represent the remaining towns: the East Seat, The West Seat, and the Blue Seat. Each of the representatives are decided by general approval of who they represent. The seats as of 4659:3 are as follows.

High Seats
Elidem: Quipswitch Quillenhollow
Brindol: Jarmaath the Greater
Spiredown: Westen Drell

Low Seats
West Seat: Dolin Erl IV, Dolin’s Folly
East Seat: Donnel Bruck, Bywatch
Blue Seat: Philip of Bleeth, Bleeth Isles

Council of the Vale

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