Selene Moongrove

The wife of the Mayor of Bywatch, Donnel Bruck. Selene is a half-elf who is notoriously cold to her servants. She permits no one to wait on her or even touch her. When addressing those she feels her equal, she is surprisingly cordial; few can resist her sparkling golden eyes (a characteristic of her exotic upbringing in Lenken, she will cheerfully admit).

Despite his position and power, Selene even seems to treat the Mayor with a certain amount of condescending; guards report that their arguments sometimes ring out through the castle at night. Apparently this have been happening for the past five years of their seven year marriage. Donnel gives no indication of this strife; as mayor, he feels that it is his duty to maintain an air of authority and happiness to his town.

No one knows where exactly in Lenken Selene comes from, and she seems hesitant to admit anything specific to anyone without duress. She is surprisingly tight lipped about her personal life, instead choosing to turn the conversation around to the PCs.

Rumors say that a servant who attempted to break into her quarters found something damning, but he was unable to say what—his corpse was found in the town square the day after, with his head bitten off by a large beast.

Selene Moongrove

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