The country in the far northwestern part of Tuatharah. It is guarded by the Jade Gates, and remains heavily isolated from the rest of the world thanks to them.


There are no official records recognizing the start of Ruroku, but it is common knowledge that they existed as a series of nomadic tribes in the First Age. Legend tells us that they were a people who left their fellow men, dissatisfied with The Primus Brothers. In 189:1, when Daemon’s sorcerers were retreating from The Battle of Tel Atoll, they encountered a wandering tribe of Rurokans (later identified as the Crane Clan); weakened from battle, the sorcerers submitted themselves to the tribe for whatever fate awaited them. The Rurokans were of different minds: some wanted to give the outsiders a second chance, while others wanted to end their suffering swiftly, and keep their ways secret. The dispute was settled when their leader, Konda of the Cranes, spoke in favor of the men. The tribe welcomed them with open arms on the condition that they leave everything but the clothes on their backs behind; not one man disagreed. They began to make their return journey to the heart of Ruroku the next day.

As the years went by, and the tribe wandered, Konda grew ill. He had a vision of a field, on which there was a crane who took flight only once he was touched by the hand of Konda himself. In this field would be the seeds of an empire that would allow Rurokans to wander no more. The tribe, afraid of risking all their supplies for what they assumed was a fool’s errand, began talks of quietly deposing Konda. The mages that Konda had saved stepped in to restore order, and began organizing the search for the crane.

When the crane was at last found (a story told at so much length in so many ways, it would be impossible to do it justice here), it is said that Konda died as he touched the bird. The mages who had been saved buried him, and swore to make his vision reality. Daemon’s army began using their magic to create, rather than destroy. The land grew fertile, and the rivers filled with all manner of life. While most of the sorcerers created a land that the men could live on and no longer wander, seven mages traveled east, to build the Jade Gates as a monument to the great Konda.


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